This Boy Is Not Allowed to Like the Yankees! (VIDEO)

Baseball is a serious business in Boston, where we root for the Red Sox, and in New York, where SOME root for the New York Yankees, but for some parents, it's a cause for disowning. OK, so the dad in this video is just kidding (I think) when he tells his young son that he will kick him out if he becomes a New York Yankees fan.

As a Red Sox fan, I have to agree. The Yankees suck. But as a parent, I'm not so sure I'm loving the technique here. Would I be disappointed if my children rooted for the evil empire? Of course. Would I tell my 3-year-old that he was going to have to live somewhere else until his big brother had to hold and comfort him? Probably not.

Now, obviously, I realize the dad is kidding around and he is just a big fan. I'm sure he wouldn't kick his son out. But, uh, does the son know that? See for yourself:


There is a fine line between loving tradition and brainwashing indoctrination, and I'm pretty sure threatening a small child with the loss of home and comfort is the latter.

Now, the Red Sox fan in me would be remiss if I didn't point out that the parents did remove this video before it went too far. When they started to sense it was going viral, they had the good sense to pull it. But it was already embedded at other places because it was too late.

Now, I know that this dad is just a big fan. And I'm guessing at some point, this little boy will be, too. And yes, the Red Sox are awesome. But maybe just a little more open-minded discussion would help this little one ease his way into major fandom. Forcing him might be the quickest route to rebellion and then (dear god no) to him possibly becoming a fan of Jeter. 

Do you think this dad is being too harsh?


Image via College Humor

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