Father & Son Arrested for Gang Rape of 16-Year-Old Girl

Clinton John Sr.
Clinton Johnson Sr.
There are plenty of touching stories of fathers and sons sharing interests and hobbies and bonding over them. This isn't one of them. Instead of teaching his son how to fish or fix cars, Clinton Johnson Sr., 53, taught his 17-year-old son, Clinton "Bubba" Johnson, how to rape women.

Both men were arrested on charges of aggravated assault Tuesday in Hudson, Texas, for their participation in a gang rape. Think it can't get any worse than that? The victim was 16.


The incident allegedly occurred at Bubba's house on March 5. According to the Lufkin Daily News, the affidavit states that the girl was told to lie down on a mattress in the backyard of the home. When she did, the assaults began, despite her protests.

The men were arrested after the girl told a school counselor about the rape. An investigation is currently ongoing to determine if others were involved as well; one report alleges another brother from the family (who is a minor) was involved.

It's beyond disturbing to think of a father not only standing by while his son rapes someone, but to set an example by doing it himself. The boys should have been known better, yes, and are absolutely responsible for their own actions, but how do you learn responsibility when you're raised by a human being vile enough to rape a young girl while his sons are nearby?

Given the fact that bond for the father is set higher at $150,000, while bond for the son is set at $100,000, I have to wonder if the father won't be punished more severely if they're found guilty. It may be due to the father's previous criminal record (deadly conduct, driving while intoxicated, and reckless driving), but regardless, it seems he should and that charges of child abuse are in order as well. If convicted, both men face life in prison ... which doesn't sound like nearly long enough.

Do you think the father should be punished more severely than the son if they're both found guilty of raping this girl?

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