Adorable 3-Year-Old Is Made Governor of New Jersey (VIDEO)

Children have a lot of learning to do from the time they emerge into the world to the time they leave it. Some things are easier to take than others and for one 4-year-old boy, the news that he actually had to wait until he was around 35 to be the governor of New Jersey was bad news, indeed.

"I just want to be governor," he wails to his mom while she answers him seriously. He CAN be governor. Just not now. Or so they thought... Governor Chris Christie got wind of the video and made the little boy honorary governer for the day. 4-year-old Jesse Koczon

Hilarious. Kids get sad over the weirdest things. The other day, my 2.5-year-old son was broken hearted because I would not let him drive to the fire station. My daughter used to get upset that I would not let her nurse her baby brother. Of course, we should all have sympathy. Weren't we all there at one point or another?


The fact is, all of us were children who wanted to be big, right? I mean, not all of us wanted to be governor because that probably sounded kind of boring. My childhood dream was to work at the local grocery store. This was not because the job was so awesome, but because I loved their purple gingham uniforms.

Ah, kids. This kid is a cutie, no doubt and he has set his sights high. That ambition can be a good thing if mom and dad foster it. He may just be the governor yet.

And if he is, I hope he is a good governor, not the kind who has to resign because of a sex scandal. That would be kind of a bummer.

Do your kids want to do wild things when they grow up?


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