Teacher Tapes Middle School Student's Mouth Shut

We all know that middle school girls can be annoying and too chatty. Maybe when you're teaching middle school all day, you get a little sick of having to tell them to be quiet. Well, one teacher did just that, only instead of SAYING it, she acted it out by taping the student's mouth shut.

The Florida girl's mother is irate and rightly so. Though the teacher said it was a joke and I can see how it could be, physical punishment is just no longer acceptable in the schools. The change is for a reason! Even if the girl was laughing, it must have been horribly humiliating, and what is even worse is what came after. The 13-year-old girl told WSVN-TV:

[The teacher] told me to keep the tape on my mouth, and she told me that what happened in her classroom stayed in her classroom, and it was just a joke.

Hilarious, right?


The teacher was reassigned, but perhaps what is the most vexing issue isn't THAT she did it, it's that she told the girl not to tell anyone. Isn't that what abusive people say? Um, nothing that happens in a public school classroom should be a secret.

There are good teachers who are losing their jobs and this woman comes along and tapes a student's mouth shut. The implication being that laughter and discussion and conversation aren't welcome in her class.

Granted, I understand that talking during class is rude and probably frustrating, but why would any teacher want to foster an environment where students are afraid to raise their hands or open their mouths or volunteer an answer?

Part of a healthy classroom is having open discussions. Even if this girl was misbehaving or speaking out of line, such an extreme action has ripple effects. This teacher is clearly too burnt out to keep working with kids.

Maybe she should look for another job where her skills with tape might be more valued. Perhaps Staples is hiring?

Do you think this is a bad teacher?


Image via ewallace/Flickr

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