Family Dog Protects Lost Toddler All Night Long

A 2-year-old South Carolina boy who wandered out into the cold and was missing for 12 hours in 40-degree temperatures may have been scared and lost, but he was never alone. He had his dog by his side the whole time.

The dog -- a Labrador -- followed the boy who wandered out of his home after his mother said he went to go get some juice. He was only wearing a diaper. The boy was missing all of last Friday night, and when they started looking again early on Saturday and found little Tyler behind a neighbor's home, they also found his dog. The dog had stayed by his side all night. Neighbor Emily DuBose told WIS TV:

Just thinking that a dog would watch a baby over the night, it's kind of like a movie instead of real life.


There are days (so many days) when I want to wring my dog's neck for pooping on the carpet or peeing in the kid's room or wanting something when I'm tired or waking me with his barking, but every time I see my 2-year-old son hug him, my heart melts again.

It's hard to have dogs and kids. Even the biggest dog lovers in the world admit that sometimes it's hard to balance the needs of both the fur kid and the human one, and sadly, most of the time, Fido loses out.

The other day my daughter and I walked with our dog to the coffee shop so we could get some breakfast. We tied him up outside the store and ran in to grab a quick bagel and cup of coffee before walking back home. He barked the whole time. When I got home, I complained to my husband that our dog could see us the whole time and we were only gone for five minutes. Why was he barking so much?

"That is so weird," my husband said. "He is totally quiet when I do that."

I theorize that Rocky was barking because we were his women and he wanted to protect us more than he wants to protect his Alpha male master. And even though I'm sure I can protect myself, it reminded me just how much this dog loves me. Even when I'm not a very good master myself.

I'm sure my good puppy would follow both me and the kids and protect us. Sometimes having a dog is a pain, but when push comes to shove, nothing is more worth it.

Would your dog do this?

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