'Uterus' Is a Bad Word in Florida

shadow of womanA state lawmaker in Florida was scolded last week for the use of a single word ... uterus. Yes, that thing, otherwise known as a womb, in which all mammals reside before being born, is apparently a thing that must not be named on the floor of Florida's House.

The offender didn't call anyone a uterus or use it derogatorily at all, but rather referred to it while making a point in a debate on state deregulation. His point was not well taken, and he was taken to task for daring to have the audacity to utter such an offensive word.

OMG, uterus! Here's how it went down:


During the debate, Scott Randolph (D-Orlando) said, "Maybe if his wife would 'incorporate her uterus,' they'd lay off restrictive women's reproductive health regulations."

Kind of funny, kind of clever, and according to the Miami New Times, his wife even helped him come up with the zinger. But it was he who got zinged and told not to mention body parts on the House floor. Yes, really.

The House GOP leadership later issued a statement saying "that members of both parties needed to be mindful of decorum during debate" and that "language that would be considered inappropriate for children and other guests" should be avoided.

Inappropriate? It's an organ of the body. I doubt anyone would have balked had he said gallbladder. What is it about women's bodies growing and nurturing children -- whether we're breastfeeding in public (gasp!) or just walking around with a uterus (omg!) -- that frighten grown men so, or least some men of the Florida Republican sort?

I live in this state, and I'm scared that these are the people running it. I will also state for the record that I'm a staunch independent who has voted and worked for both conservatives and liberals, so this isn't about politics for me, it's about out and out stupidity and grown men acting like women's reproductive organs are dirty words. I can think of plenty of other "inappropriate" words to describe what I think of them and their ridiculous attitudes.

Are you as outraged by these politicians trying to ban the word "uterus" as I am?

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