Autistic Boy Asks Obama to Light White House Blue

Light It Up BlueHave you ever written a letter to the president? Neither have I. But Wills Price at the ripe age of 13 has -- he wrote a letter to the president asking him to make the White House the Blue House (for only one night).

Why does this little guy want to change the color of one of the most famous buildings in the world? To get the word out about autism. Wills has autism and is taking part in Light It Up Blue, organized by the folks at Autism Speaks and other organizations to commemorate World Autism Day on April 2. They are encouraging iconic buildings across the world -- as well as regular homes -- be lit with blue light to raise awareness for autism.

So how does one write a letter to the president? Check out how Wills does it like a pro!


Wills opens the letter with a straight, to-the-point request, as he probably knows the president is a busy man.

Dear Mr. President,

Will you please light up the White House in blue for World Autism Awareness Day?

My name is Wills Price, and I am thirteen years old. I live in Los Angeles, and I have autism.

It would be very important to me, and all of us in the country who care about autism, if you would light up the White House blue because so many people don’t understand what I have.

And, check it out, this amazing little guy makes some good arguments as to why it is so important to raise awareness ... and even offers to send the president blue light bulbs if he needs them!

Now that I am thirteen, I do not struggle as much. I can now help younger kids or other people who are still struggling, and that’s what I want to do with my life. That’s what you do with your life by making decisions that help the world...

If you need blue light bulbs, there is a store here on Ventura Boulevard where we can buy them for you and send them to the White House. My mom knows how to send things by Federal Express.

It is very difficult for me to talk about how sad I was when my autism was really bad. It might have helped if people understood my autism more.

Somehow, maybe with our help, his letter can get to the president. Pass this along to friends, post it on your Facebook page, get the word out -- and don't forget to light your own house blue!

Will you Light It Up Blue?


Image via Light It Up Blue

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