Office Chair Gets 7 Co-Workers Pregnant

fertility chairYou've heard it said "there must be something in the water" when a bunch of women at one place end up pregnant? It may not be the water after all!

A "fertility chair" at a British hotel is being credited with getting seven different women pregnant in an 18-month span. SEVEN! How cool is that? The women, all receptionists at the Best Western Moore Place Hotel, all sat in the same bright blue office chair at some point during that time. All ended up with buns in the oven.


It's not inconceivable (ha, get it? OK, that was bad) that this could happen. If you've ever worked in close proximity with other women, you know your menstrual cycles seem to start to synch up. So why not your fertility too? I remember as a girl my mother often told the story of a hospital full of pregnant nurses, including her. I thought she was exaggerating, but one of my Facebook friends was born just weeks after me -- and wouldn't you know, her mom was a nurse with mine.

When I got pregnant, it seemed like other pregnant ladies came out of the woodwork -- from one of my husband's co-workers (whose son is now my daughter's best friend) to my cousin (who gave birth 11 days after me). It was nice sharing the experience with somone; I just can't imagine six other someone's . . . all in one office. It sound cool, but yikes, no one would be able to get behind the filing cabinet to grab the piece of paper that falls -- there'd be a big belly in the way for them all.

Did you experience anything like this? Maybe a rash of pregnancies in the family or a whole bunch in your office?


Image via Richard Stowey/Flickr

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