Heroic 10-Year-Old Saves Babysitter's Life

ambulanceWe try to impart so many lessons and instill so much wisdom in our children, but we never know how much they're really absorbing and how much of it they will put to use when we're not around. Tucker Stoops' parents can rest assured that their 10-year-old son has been taking all the good lessons to heart.

When his babysitter, Naida Maldonado, started having trouble breathing and became unresponsive, the Connecticut boy quickly dialed 911 -- a great move in itself. But it was his incredible composure while talking to the emergency team that was most admirable.


According to the Stamford Advocate, he gave the necessary information like his address and telephone number, and even gave them information about Maldonado. At one point during the call, he reportedly said, "Oh my God," and asked if he could call his dad. The 911 operator said no, he should stay on the line, and he did until police arrived. At one point, he asked, "Is my babysitter going to die?"

When help arrived, he was extremely polite, thanking the man on the other end of the phone, Sgt. Jeremiah Johnson. Johnson recounted the boy saying:

Thank you for your help, sir. The policeman is walking inside. Thank you for your help.

While Maldonado, who has babysat for the family for 10 years, is fine now, doctors told Tucker's mother that she would have died if he hadn't acted as quickly as he did. Still -- and this is my favorite part of this touching story -- he refuses to take credit for it and tried to give it to his 7-year-old sister, Nina, who he says actually found her. So sweet and kind!

The Darien Police Department released a statement that read:

When you listen to the chilling audio of the phone call, it is evident that Tucker is nervous but amazingly never loses composure. The Darien Police Communications Center receives calls similar to this on a regular basis, but rarely do the callers remain unruffled. Tucker and Nina Stoops are true heroes and are to be commended.

Both children will be honored tomorrow at their local library. I can only image how proud their parents must be.

Do you think your child would react in the same manner in a similar situation?

Image via gwire/Flickr

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