Parents Arrested for Sealing Kids in Filthy Room With Drywall

Christina Dawn Moore John Michael RobeyThese two parents, if you want to call them that, are facing felony child abuse charges for allegedly sealing their three small children -- ages 4, 2, and just 2 months -- into a room by nailing a piece of drywall across the doorway. What a horrible horrible story! Luckily, the 4-year-old escaped to a neighbor's, who then called the police on these messed up folks. Amazing that the little girl was smart and brave enough to seek out help.

We've all had bad days as parents where it feels like you can't cope with your kids or your emotions for another minute; however, this is horrifying. These people must have drug problems or are seriously screwed up in the head.

How bad does life have to be to turn two parents into such monsters? We probably don't want to know ...


John Michael Robey, 33, and Christina Dawn Moore, 26, of Bristow, Virginia were arrested Saturday night after the neighbor came to free all the children from the room, which was covered in feces and urine. The children were naked but luckily showed no signs of malnutrition and so are thought to have been in the room for less than a day. I feel awful for all three of these little girls but, in particular, for the oldest girl who must have felt responsible and helpless for her other two little sisters, one being an infant! It makes me cry just to think about it.

Sounds like their mother Christina Moore might also have twin boys, around age 7, in the system. These boys were picked up by police and turned over to CPS in 2005 when someone found them walking around with bare feet wearing only diapers. Moore was found asleep in her camper.

Now this is no case of typical parents losing it with their kids. This is a case of two people having kids who have no tools with which to care for children. At all. However, let this be an extreme reminder that when you feel like you might lose it with your kids, you have some plans in place before you do. Leave the room, count to 20, or on really bad days, make sure your kids are secure and step outside or call your spouse for support or a friend to come over and give you a break.

And, of course, if you ever feel you just cannot do it anymore and that you might make a decision or take an action to your child's detriment, please call for help. Call 911. You can get help and learn tools for coping. There is help out there.

How do you take care of yourself so you don't lose it with your kids? What tools or suggestions can you offer parents who might feel desperate from time to time?


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