Justin Bieber Is Trying to Be the New Taylor Lautner

Justin BieberJust when we thought Justin Bieber was on top of the world, it seems there's a little chink in the Biebs' armor. He's taken up bodybuilding with Jordan Yuam, the guy who whipped Taylor Lautner into shape for the Twilight saga. It sounds awfully suspicious, doesn't it?

He goes from sweetie pounding on a piano at home to having millions of tweenage girls worshipping at his feet. And suddenly he's got a taste for turning the pounds into muscle and walking around shirtless. Either the teen heartthrob has been taken in by Twilight or he's angling to horn in on Taylor's screaming fanship.


Either way, the Biebs has got some 'splainin' to do to his fans. Hasn't he heard they like him because he's a "Baby" face ... and the matching body?

It's not like Bieber's hurting for crazy fans. With 24 million Facebook fans to Twilight's 20 million, he's the clear winner. But just whisper the word Twilight, and teenage girls go into a panic. Cast your lot with Jacob or Edward, and they will engage you in a lengthy debate about exactly why their side is better ... with "sparkly" props to prove a point. Taylor Lautner had a countdown run by not embarrassed enough Twilight Moms leading up until his 18th birthday, when they were officially allowed to swoon at those washboard abs without feeling like a pedophile. He has a doppelganger in Vampires Suck who insists it's in his contract that he needs to remove his shirt for every 10 minutes of screen time. In short: he's got sex appeal!

What does the Biebs have? A former haircut? Girls who send his girlfriend death threats? Pshaw. I know what he's thinking: You're nothing in 2011 until teenage girls are on your team.

But the Biebs has something the Twilight crew doesn't have right now: the opposite of sex appeal. He's good, clean, wholesome. And that's why Moms are OK with him. Put some washboard abs under the purple hoodie, and he better hope he can push Taylor Lautner out of the spotlight. He's going to have to depend on the Twilight fanbase to get him through -- because the moms of his current fans will have thrown up their hands at him.

Do you think Bieber as bodybuilder will go over well with parents? What about with our kids?


Image via americanistadechiapas/Flickr

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