Birth Control Ad Says Kids Will Ruin Your Life (VIDEO)

Have you seen the commercial for Beyaz birth control? Women walk around a store, stars in their eyes, looking for the perfect Ken-doll man, dream Barbie house, trip to Paris, and fill up their shopping carts with what must be, of course, every woman's ideal life, right?

But then, the evil stork starts waving his goods in a woman's face, begging her to take his bundle, and he's totally dissed, waved off like a bum looking for loose change.

And you know what? It kind of pissed me off. Check out the commercial yourself.


The pinkish-purple store with pretty trees and gentle music playing while women snatch up pretty things -- what, are we all little girls now? Playing with our favorite Ken doll and Barbie Dream Home? Yes, getting a degree is fantastic. Buying a house? TOTALLY at the top of my list of goals. Trip to Paris? Amaaaazing and something I absolutely plan to do during my life.

But unlike the commercial's message, I plan to do it with my children. The commercial makes it very, very clear that they are telling you that having children SQUASHES all your hopes and dreams. What man wants a woman with baggage? With kids? That's not a sexy woman worthy of a relationship, especially not those dream Ken dolls they snatch up.

And a house? Graduate degree? For-GET it if you've got babies!

The whole message is rather demeaning. Danielle of Wordyless thinks so, too. Yes, ideally, people can get a degree, buy a house, go on many trips, meet the man of their dreams, then have kids -- but that doesn't always happen and so what! If you have babies young, apparently you've destroyed your hopes and dreams and will never own anything and your future is ruined ("but you never know what you might want tomorrow ..."). Then our culture says if you wait too long, your "advanced maternal age" kicks in and you HAVE TO HURRY! It's just a lose-lose for women. What a negative message it's sending to pregnant women and moms:

Congrats! You screwed yourself out of anything deemed worthwhile!

Here are the facts: Women are perfectly capable of getting whatever education and lifestyle they desire, REGARDLESS of whether or not they have children in tow. A trip to Paris isn't cast into the trash because you have kids -- hello? They will MOVE OUT eventually. Yes, it can be harder to get some of this stuff done with children, but it is NOT impossible, and some women choose to take this route intentionally.

You pregnant moms out there, take heart: Kids do NOT destroy dreams. They sometimes put them on hold for a little bit, but only so you can pursue your dream of being a mother. Which is a great dream come true.

So there, Beyaz.

Do you find their message demeaning to moms?


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