Mom Forces Botox & Bikini Waxes on 8-Year-Old

BotoxIf you've ever watched the show Toddlers & Tiaras, take one of those crazy stage moms and multiply her madness by like a bazillion, and you'll get somewhere close to Kerry Campbell. This mom from San Francisco insists on shooting up her 8-year-old daughter with regular Botox injections and making her get body waxes in an attempt to turn her into a superstar one day. Yes, she's 8.

There's so much disturbing matter in this story, I don't even know where to begin. But let's start with the Botox, which the mother orders ONLINE. Then she herself gets out the syringe to keep her daughter, Britney, looking "baby-faced." Of course, she probably has to do it herself, because no one in their right mind would give an 8-year-old Botox!

She told The Sun: "I'm sure people reading this will think I am being irresponsible, but I ensure that I test the Botox and fillers I buy online on myself first." Irresponsible yes, and how about downright abusive?


The body waxes are an attempt to stave off future leg and pubic hair when puberty eventually hits. I doubt it's going to work, but how awful to try and stop nature like that and never let her experience that rite of passage. She says she's doing her a favor: "It will save her a fortune in waxing when she's older."

As for Britney herself, she told the paper: "Although the pain makes me cry, I feel like a cool grown-up when it's all over." And that makes me want to cry. She's a baby. A BABY, and she's being forced into adulthood ... and a very screwed up adulthood at that.

Perhaps the saddest part of this story is WHY she's torturing her daughter like this. She's intent on making her a star. She said:

All this pain and effort now will benefit Britney no end. When she's a superstar earning millions, she'll always be grateful for what I did when she was so young.

A more likely scenario is that when the daughter is a mentally unstable, messed up adult, she's going to need millions of dollars in therapy. Of course, the mom thinks everyone should be doing as she does:

All I want is for Britney to have the best start in life, so it is easier for her to become a superstar. More mothers should do it for their daughters.

No, NO they shouldn't. This is wrong on so many levels, not the least of which is putting such incredible expectations on this little girl. This woman needs help ... and so does her daughter.

Do you think this woman's treatment of her daughter qualifies as abuse?

Image via EverJean/Flickr

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