Kid Dies, Sits on Jesus’ Lap, Comes Back to Life

Out of body experienceIt’s pretty hard to believe in miracles these days. The media uses every medium — and is probably cooking up a few new ones — to browbeat you with bad news and keep you up-to-the-minute on everything that is dismal and depressing. Take a break from scanning heartbreaking footage from Japan, come up for air from Libya, and pause from mourning the passing of Elizabeth Taylor to enjoy the angelic adventure of Colton Burpo, a kid with one heck of a story that is, like, wow.


Back when he was 4, his parents rushed him to the hospital after his appendix burst. He lay lifeless, struggling to hang on to his mortality for 17 days before modern science spared his life — or so we thought. A few months later, when he was recuperated enough to take a car ride with his mama, she asked him what he remembered about being sick.

That’s when little Colton dropped the bomb: He not only told her that he had died and gone to heaven during his hospital stay, but that he had sat in Jesus’ lap, met his great-grandfather, who he described as sporting huge wings, and introduced himself to a sibling that his mother had miscarried years before — and never told him about. Crazy, right? But wait. He also recounted what his parents were doing at times when they weren’t even in the room with him.

I’m a card-carrying member of the Jesus Lovers’ club, so I might be a bit biased. And because his father is a minister, it stands to reason that Colton, who is now 11, is no stranger to stories about God either. But I just can’t imagine how someone who doesn’t believe in a higher power can explain away how a child knows this kind of inside information without attributing it to something — more like someone — otherworldly.

It took a while for his own parents to believe him, so hardcore skeptics and even those ready to aim and fire with explanations about how this kid could know what he knows when he knew it are surely gunning to smack down his testimony as malarkey. But I think it’s an inspirational tale that proves that God moves, even among little sick 4-year-olds. There are a million everyday instances that get attributed to circumstance and randomness, but this one right here? This can’t be nothing but the Lord. Even Colton says so.

Do you teach your kids about God or do you let them discover their own beliefs as they grow up? What do you think of Colton's story? Do you believe him?

Image via Lin Pernille Photography/Flickr

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