Pink-Slipped Teachers Fight Back (VIDEO)

Two of the 19,000 teachers who received a layoff notice in the mail in Los Angeles, California are fighting back with a rap video that is sure to make waves.

Last week, the California Teachers Association reported that the school districts issued nearly 19,000 layoff notices to teachers due to a shaky statewide budget. This doesn't necessarily mean the teachers are fired yet. They have to report their final layoff decision on May 15, but for many teachers, the possibility of losing their job in a poor economy is infuriating. And who can blame them?

In the rap, the teachers say:

It's time to rise up like in Egypt-land and take to the streets ... Media lies, corporate greed, remember the people who taught you to read?

The "Two Teachers and a Microphone" rap may be sort of funny with its photos of famous teachers through the years, but its message isn't. See for yourself:


They're 100 percent correct. It's so disturbing that in LA alone, 5,000 teachers have been laid off. There is something deeply wrong with a world where we bail out major financial institutions and watch their CEOs get massive bonuses while hard-working teachers -- the people who teach OUR CHILDREN -- get pink slips.

There is something deeply wrong with a country that would allow this to happen. Many may say "them's the breaks" and we have to balance the budget. And that would be true ... IF we hadn't bailed out the banks. What are our values when we allow our children to lose out on important classes and to be in classrooms that are stretched to the limit, built entirely on test scores, while we allow our tax dollars to fund CEOs' yachts?

Sorry, but I'm angry, too. And these teachers, in particular, are just the kinds of teachers I want for my kids someday -- creative, passionate, interesting, and persistent. These are the people we want to let go?

Hard choices must be made, but are these really the right ones? Should our children pay the price for our country's inability to manage money and terrible voting record?

I don't want to live in a place where we value anything above our children's education. It makes me sad. I understand difficult choices must be made. But I wish we would make them somewhere else. Education should be sacrosanct.

Does this anger you?


Image via YouTube

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