Japan Tells Kids: Nuclear Explosion Like Poop (VIDEO)

nuclear boy cartoon japan nuclear explosionWe're all watching, waiting, hoping for a safe conclusion to the damaged nuclear facility at Fukushima, Japan. Those of us who live far away can shield our children from the devastation in Japan. But what if you're living through the nightmare of the earthquake, the tsunamis, and now a possible nuclear explosion?

Talking to the kids about this incredibly scary event has got to be challenging, and I admit I would not know how to handle such a serious matter without scaring the crap out of my kids.

Which is kind of what Japanese television did, with its cartoon to explain what's happening in Fukushima right now. Meet "Nuclear Boy," who really, really has to take a poop. 


At first I thought this light tone for such a serious issue seemed inappropriate. But after watching a second time, I realize that it's kind of genius. Poop, farts, bodily explosions are so totally kid-friendly. If your little ones are like mine, they loooove the scatological talk. The video is also incredibly thorough, while still keeping the tone kind of playful. By not talking down to kids, I would imagine kids would feel secure in their knowledge of the horrible things that are going on around them.

It's a really interesting approach, and I'm also impressed at how quickly it aired on Japanese television. It shows that children are important enough to be informed, and the creators respect kids enough to tell them the truth while also entertaining them. It's a wicked balance, but one that I think the pooping Nuclear Boy was able to pull off.

What do you think about the cartoon?


Image via YouTube

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