Racist Rant Goes Viral & I (Almost) Feel Bad (VIDEO)

Undoubtedly, the parents of Alexandra Wallace, a third year political science student at the University of California, are cringing after her racist rant against Asians went viral this week. The rant against Asians in the school library came just after the earthquake and tsunami ravaged Japan, and was ill-timed, ill-conceived, and just generally "ill" altogether.

She starts by complaining about Asian people who talk on the phone in the library and describes herself as the "polite nice American girl that my mamma raised me to be," even though my guess is that her mother wants to be as far from this rant as she can get. In the 3-minute video, Wallace says:

Hi, in America, we do not talk on our cellphones in the library ... Every 15 minutes I'll be like deep into my studying ... and over here from somewhere it's: Ohhh! Ching chong ling long ting tong? Ohhh! Are you freaking kidding me? In the middle of finals?

Are you cringing yet? If not, see for yourself below:


It's one thing to say horrible things to your friends who love you, but it's another entirely to broadcast your idiocy for all to see. If I were her parents, I would be absolutely humiliated. She went on:

I mean, OK, that sounds horrible, I feel bad for all people affected by the tsunami, but if you're gonna go call your address book, you might as well go outside, because if something is wrong, you might really freak out if you're in the library and everyone's quiet.

As awful as her little rant is -- and it is awful -- I sort of pity Wallace right now. She is receiving death threats and emails and phone calls. She is a junior in college who is a political science major and she has all but ruined her life.

She issued an apology that may be too little, too late for some. In many ways, she is a casualty of the new age of digital humiliation. Something that may seem like a great idea in a moment of idiocy is suddenly broadcast for all to see. If anyone got ahold of some of the dumb things I did in college, I would never live that down. Luckily, none of my antics were filmed.

Obviously, this isn't a frat party mistake and she appears to have been sober while on her rant. Yes, she is supremely stupid and insensitive, too. But hopefully she will learn something from this experience. Rather than killing her, maybe we could all teach her a lesson in tolerance. Lord knows she will need it.

Hopefully next time she decides to rant, she will keep the camera off. Or better yet, she will know better in the first place.

Do you feel bad for her?


Image via YouTube

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