Rebecca Black Proves Bullying Does Not Stop in Junior High (VIDEO)

Thirteen is a tough age for any girl, but for Rebecca Black, it's getting even worse. The eighth grader whose dreams include superstardom, it seems, became famous this weekend when her YouTube music video for the song "Friday" went viral. Unfortunately, her popularity isn't for the right reasons.

Hailed as "the most epically awful tune of the year" already by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the song includes lyrics like, "fun, fun, fun, fun" and also includes a little days of the week lesson free of charge. "Tomorrow is Saturday/and Sunday comes afterwards." Good to know!

Made by Ark Music Factory, a company that helps children with dreams of stardom make uber-cheesy music videos, the video has racked up 2 million views on YouTube after hitting Comedy Central's website last weekend.

Here is the video:


The problem, of course, is that Black is only 13. And although she might feel like she is hitting the big time, what she is actually hitting appears to be all the wrong notes. She is a pretty girl who looks not unlike Rachel Barry from Glee.

So far, she has remained mum on her sudden stardom, but her profile on the company's page indicates that she has some performing arts background and just landed the lead in her school musical. By all accounts, this means she is your typical 13-year-old girl, which is why all the bullying is starting to piss me off.

OK, clearly it's a cheesy video with poor production value and her voice isn't so great and the lyrics are worse. But this has been parodied and mocked all across the Interwebs. An adult would be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and make lemonade out of the situation (hey -- at least I'm famous!) but 13 is a notoriously self-conscious age.

Until last night, I was just as guilty. Then my husband asked me how I will feel when she kills herself. It kind of put things in perspective. It IS a funny video and highly mockable until you realize that the girl being exploited is a child. Sure, she put it up there, but I doubt she expected that even CNN would be basically laughing at her.

It's like Junior High on a larger, national scale. Rebecca, if you're out there, I hope you're able to keep the perspective that any publicity is good publicity. Read the good stuff, ignore the bad stuff, and get what you need out of it all. Milk it, girl. Get yourself on Glee. Learn to laugh at yourself a bit. Use this to your advantage. They can't hurt you if you don't let yourself be hurt!

Do you think people are being too mean?


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