Despicable Westboro Baptist Church Say Parents Let Their Children Die

If you thought the Westboro Baptist Church was bad when they were picketing the funerals of dead soldiers and Elizabeth Edwards, try this one on for size: they are planning to picket the funeral of the seven children who were killed in a devastating house fire earlier this week.

The children -- ages 7 months to 11 years -- died last Tuesday night when a fire filled the Mennonite family's two-story house near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. 

The story itself is heartbreaking enough. Devastating, in fact. But the real sickness came later thanks to one Fred Phelps and his despicable church of hypocrisy. They link the children's deaths to a Supreme Court case recently where a York County father sued the church after a protest combined with homophobic statements about his son who was a Marine killed in Iraq.

In their press release, Westboro blames society and the Perry County children's parents for their deaths.


With stories like these, I always walk a fine line between wanting to report the story because it's insane and evil and all kinds of sick, and wanting to ignore it because they walk alone. I'm not sure that anyone in the world can defend these lunatics' actions.

But we are talking about children and parents and the parents need support. So here it is.

Imagine being those parents and losing seven of your nine children. Then imagine that someone in the world -- anyone, really -- suggests for a second that you're at fault. Not because you were an abusive or neglectful parent or burned down the house yourself, but rather because God is punishing you.

It's despicable and so low, it's hard to imagine even thinking you can speak that way. This man is clearly insane and delusional. I have known people like him and they don't respond to conversation like normal people. They need to be smacked down.

I don't often have violent wishes, but in this case, I think perhaps it's time for Phelps and his like to be taken down.

Seven children are dead and the only thing the Westboro Baptist "Church" cares about is insulting their memory. That is no "church" anyone I know would want to be part of. The only solace, perhaps, that these parents can take is that Phelps stands alone with his little cult on this one. No one else agrees.

My heart goes out to this family in their time of unimaginable sorrow, and Fred Phelps, if I see you, watch your shins.

Does this disgust you, too?


Image via dvs/Flickr

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