Toddler Found in Road With Bag of Pot

toddler found in road with potLadies and gentlemen, it has happened. Bad parenting has jumped the shark! Sure we bring you tales of toddlers wandering away from their homes all the time. And it seems babies and toddlers love to take bong hits in some crappy homes. But this story takes these two bad parenting styles and combines them into one, amazingly horrible, story.

Not a lot of information has been forthcoming in this story from upstate New York, but three elements are confirmed:

Wandering Toddler + Weed = Ultimate Bad Mother


Last Saturday around 5pm, a three-year-old little girl was nearly struck by a car as she wandered into a road in Loch Sheldrake, New York. Thank god the little girl was not hit, but when police arrived they were in for yet another surprise. The little girl was clutching a bag of marijuana. Not surprisingly, the police found her mother asleep in her home, completely unaware that her toddler had gone missing. Gee, I wonder why?

The mother was charged with endangering the welfare of a child and was released from jail on Tuesday. No one has been able to track down the mom to ask her how she feels about being the worst mom in America, but let's just hope she isn't dealing with the stress by smoking another bowl and napping with the doors wide open.

Sure we all need to take the edge off sometimes. But a good rule of thumb is to partake when the kids aren't in need of supervision. You know, in case you PASS OUT BECAUSE YOU'RE TOO HIGH.


Do you think anybody can top this one?

Image via juggernautco/Flickr

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