Toddler Destroys Dad's Oscar, Reminds Me to Only Buy Cheap

Oh, toddlers. We love you, but really you are too much sometimes and no one knows this better than Simon Egan, the man who co-produced The King's Speech. His 15-month-old dropped and dented his Oscar award before he'd even had it 12 hours.

But let's not blame the toddler in this story. She was handed the trophy, after all. Mark Logan, the grandson of Lionel Logue, George VI's speech therapist who was played in the film by Geoffrey Rush, handed it over because he thought it would be cute to get a photo of her. And it was. Until she smashed it on the concrete floor.

Egan won the award for Best Picture and was in a celebratory mood until he heard the coveted award hit the ground. He told the Daily Mail:


We rushed over to look at the damage and saw a bashed head and gold plating fallen off the chest, a damaged shoulder and a dented stand. It is a thing of beauty and my daughter had destroyed it, albeit unwittingly. We were all terrified.

I have been there. My daughter once wrote (with marker) all over the couch my parents spent enormous amounts of money designing at their lake house. The couch is so important to them, they cover it when they leave so that the sun does not stream in the windows and fade it. It would cost me half a year of salary just to replace the thing. I really almost had a heart attack.

Luckily, I was able to get the stains out, but kids ruin things. It's a fact. There is a whole website devoted to it. In my house, we keep nothing of value within the children's reach. If we buy furniture it is from Ikea or used because really, what is the point of having nice things when you have toddlers?

Luckily for Egan, the Academy was able to provide him with a new one, non-dented and pristine, to show off on his mantle. Hopefully he will be more careful with this one and keep it away from little hands!

Has your toddler ever done something like this?


Image via  Dave_B_/Flickr


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