Michael Woodmansee, Cannibal Child Killer, Deserves Death

death penalty lethal injection roomThe other day I wrote about Casey Anthony, the mother accused of killing her 2-year-old child and facing the death penalty. From what I know so far about her case, I'm not yet convinced Anthony should get the death penalty. However, in a case like that of cannibal child killer Michael Woodmansee from Rhode Island, who may be released from prison 12 years early based on "good behavior," I feel pretty differently.

In most cases, I don't believe in the death penalty as a method for bringing justice and revenge on a criminal. If I believed in that, then I'd probably also think lethal injection far too kind a revenge for a person who kidnaps, sexually assaults, kills, and eats children, and then saves the bones for years as some sort of trophy. However, I do think the death penalty needs to be strongly considered in cases where an incredibly sick man like Woodmansee probably cannot be rehabilitated.


John Foreman, the father of 5-year-old Jason Foreman who was kidnapped, killed, and allegedly eaten by this disgusting cannibal 36 years ago today on his mother's 25th birthday, threatened to kill Woodmansee if he is released early from prison. I'm sure this father wants his revenge, and I can understand that. Deeply. To my core. Look what this animal did to his son!

However, looking at this as an outsider, I'm more concerned at this time that Woodmansee cannot, in fact, be cured of his mentally disturbed sickness, and thus will kill again. In fact, that's how they caught the then-16-year-old Woodmansee in the first place. He was trying to lure another child into his home in South Kingstown, Rhode Island, which led police into his home where they found Jason's bones.

Something has made this man the monster he is -- maybe a twisted childhood or a mental illness -- I don't know. All I know is "cannibalism" and finding killing to be "fun" is a deep emotional problem that seems to drive killers like the infamous Jeffrey Dahmer -- and it's the kind of sickness I've never heard rehabilitated out of a criminal. Thus, Woodmansee really should be removed from society by the death penalty -- and at the very least by staying locked in a prison cell for life.

When do you think the death penalty should be used -- in all murder cases or only in cases where the criminal is deemed to be a future threat?


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