Pregnant Woman Craves Discontinued Chips (You Can Help!)

potato chipsMichelle Gallagher is pregnant, and she wants her potato chips. The only problem is she can't get the ones she likes anywhere. *gasp!* But rather than just selecting another snack, she's on a mission to get THE chips, and she needs help in her potato chip plight.

Here's the deal: Gallagher, a 31-year-old mother-to-be from New Zealand, loves Bluebird Murphy's Thick Cut Salt and Vinegar chips and has a "major craving" for them. But after searching high and low for weeks to no avail, she contacted the company only to be dealt devastating news -- that flavor was discontinued due to low demand.

Now that she knows she can't have them, the craving has increased. So she's "redirecting that energy towards getting [the chips] back." And this is where you can help.


She's launched an online petition and a Facebook campaign, and the company has said they will consider bringing the flavor back if she gets enough support. Check out her Facebook page and give it a like, even leave a comment of encouragement or sign her petition. It only takes a minute, and this pregnant woman deserves her chips. We may not be able to get them in the United States, but we can try to help this woman get her fix.

If you have ever been pregnant, you know the power of a food craving -- the kind that sends your husband out in the middle of the night for the one and only thing that will do and you MUST HAVE NOW. If you've never been pregnant, take the strongest craving you've ever had for something and multiple it by a zillion or so, and you'll be close.

If they had discontinued spicy steak tacos from Chipotle when I was pregnant, I would have gone to the ends of the earth to get them back -- and then some. I actually probably still would, but fueled with pregnancy hormones, there would have been no stopping me. So I feel for Michelle. She wants her thick cut salt and vinegar chips, and dammit, she should have them.

Even if the chips aren't manufactured until after she delivers her baby, she says the work won't be for naught. "If I get enough support, then at least it will be available again for everyone who likes that kind of chip."

Here's to hoping she gets them soon!

What was/is your strongest food craving while pregnant? Will you help Michelle Gallagher try to get her chips back?

Image via Lars K. Jensen/Flickr

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