British Mom to 17: Why is She Worse Than the Duggars?

mom to 17 worst momKathy Black is being outed as Britain's "worst mum" in an article that complains she lives off the dole, and just sits back and enjoys her life . . .  as a mom to 16 kids (ages 1 -- 28) and one on the way. That doesn't sound like a great time to me. But let's look at the evidence being presented:

  • Black lives rent-free in a three-bedroom public housing row house. (Ummm, where does she put all of the kids?)
  • Black does not work, and has not worked as long as anyone can remember.
  • Black receives "maintenance" from one of her ex-husbands, as well as a child benefit from the government, and other public assistance that comes out to about 600 GB pounds a week (@$970 US).
  • Even Black says says she's getting far too much money from the government.
  • One of her grown daughters says that she used to go to the store in one of her 7-seater vehicles, and only buy pasta and sauce for the kids, but five cases of beer for herself.

Okay, that last one sounds pretty bad.

But really, I don't know why pro-choice advocates aren't supporting this "worst mum" since the reason Black says she has all of these children is that she doesn't believe in abortion. Black has been married three times, and has two other in-betweener boyfriends, who also should bear some of the responsibility in this government-funded household.

Still, she has 11 kids still at home (and that baby in her belly) that someone has to look after, and says herself that if she were to go back to work it would cost the state more money for child care than she's currently being given.

Frankly, this whole situation is confusing to someone who lives in a country with limited support for single mothers. Our welfare system wouldn't get anyone rich, nor pay for child care once someone was working full-time. Also, how does one get that free housing? While almost a thousand dollars a week may sound like a lot, when it's split between 11, and almost 12, kids that money cannot go far. So when she says it is too much, I do wonder about her math skills.

But government assistance aside, I don't really think we can call Kathy Black the worst mom unless we start condemning other parents of huge numbers of children. She's not beating the kids, she's at least buying pasta and sauce to feed them, and she isn't having herself artificially inseminated. She's just an incredibly fertile woman with ardent pro-life views.

Should that, alone, make her worthy of the "worst" title?


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