Kids Banned From Walking Dogs

dog walkersIf I was a mom with a dog in Manassas, Virginia, I'd be pretty pissed right now. If a proposed law passes, it means no more tasking the kids with walking the dog; it would be all up to mom and dad to take out Fido. The law would make dog walking an adult-only activity.

I've heard of a lot of crazy laws -- both proposed and on the books -- but this one is just doggone stupid. “At the other end of the leash, there must be an individual who is competent to control the animal,” a city council member told NBC. 

So yes, they're serious.


We don't have a dog currently, but when and if we do, one of the biggest reasons will be to teach my children responsibility. They will be able to feed the dog, clean up after her, and take her for walks come rain or shine ... unless we move to Manassas I guess. To take that chance at responsibility away and place all the burden on parents is a load of crap (pun totally intended).

If they must go into this territory, then perhaps they could set a reasonable age limit -- like you must be older than 5 to walk a dog. But to say that even tweens and teens can't walk dogs is beyond ridiculous. Sure some may not be the most responsible and do less than a stellar job, but some adults shouldn't be out walking dogs either.

I just can't believe Manassas has enough bad child dog walkers that there needs to be an actual law. It sounds more like an overreaction to a couple of random incidents, as council members even admit it's not a widespread problem. Sounds like the biggest problem in Manassas is the sensibility of some of their council members.

Do you think children should be banned from walking dogs?

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