Toddler Bound & Gagged With Duct Tape by Mother

duct tapeIt's becoming more and more clear that duct tape may need to be regulated among parents ... at least when it comes to the cruel, sadistic, abusive variety of parents. This latest duct-tape horror story out of Pennsylvania is heartbreaking.

Caira Ferguson, 21, has been charged with unlawful restraint, false imprisonment, and child endangerment after photos surfaced of her daughter bound with duct tape to a chair, clad only in a diaper. More strips were covering her mouth, and Ferguson was right there in photographs posing with her. Rage is the only emotion I can muster when I think of a mother doing this to her own daughter ... and then having the audacity to actually pose for photographs after doing so.


Ferguson originally denied that she did it, but later admitted it

"That's a rotten thing to do to your child," the judge in the case said after Ferguson's arraignment. "I've seen a lot of stuff, but just that picture ... you can't do that."

No you can't, or rather you shouldn't. I can't even imagine a punishment fitting enough. She's currently being held in jail without bail until her hearing.

The only slightly amusing part of the story is that she got caught when she went to police to file an identity theft compliant and said someone posted the pictures, which were taken last summer, on the Internet without her consent. So bright woman that she is, she busted herself and was arrested the next day.

"She contacted us for an alleged identify theft and brought that picture," said Chester Township Police Chief Ken Coalson told The Philadelphia Inquirer. "When we looked at the picture, we were thinking to ourselves, 'Well, what you're showing us here, we want to look into that.'"

And thank goodness, I can only imagine the other treatment this poor little girl is subjected to with a mother like this. I hope all involved get the help they so obviously need.

What punishment do you think this woman should face?

Image via striatic/Flickr

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