Should Every Newborn Have a Paternity Test?

paternity testWant to insult a woman who just gave birth? Tell her that you don't care who she says fathered that sweet little dumpling. It's time for a state-mandated paternity test.

Welcome to today's addition of stupid laws proposed by state legislators! Today we're traveling to Kansas, where Democrat Melody McCray Miller thinks every child born in the state needs to be tested. Every single one.


And if a mom refuses, the proposed law would give the courts leave to intervene, demanding that a child be tested anyway. In other words, hey mom, we know you're married to this guy and you say you've never slept around on him. He believes you. But we don't.

I'm having a hard time accepting that this is a state issue. Kansas can't legislate what a woman says about her vaginal activities or what a man thinks about them.

Although "out-of-wedlock" births are skyrocketing in the U.S., the majority of babies are still born to married couples. If she's cheating on her husband, that's his problem, not the state's. Until he contests paternity, it's safe to say the mom knows better than anyone whose penis was in her vagina.

And let's talk about the non-married couples. Is it really fair to assume that a woman is automatically lying about the men she's slept with. Provided he is claiming the child as his own, this is again, the man's problem, not the state's.

And finally, what about cases where there is no father to be found? Should a woman who has been subject to domestic violence have to have her child swabbed in case her ex-boyfriend the creep shows up? If she's not asking for child support, she should retain the right to protect both herself and that child. How about moms who have used a sperm donor? Do they need to go through this too?

State Rep. McCray Miller may have had her heart in the right place with this one, but she might want to think about what she's said to the women of Kansas with this proposal. "Sorry, ladies, but we don't trust a damn thing you're saying."

Think she'll get the female vote in the next election?


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