Parents Suing Disney for Hot Cheese Should Be Sued Too

Mickey MouseThe pictures of 4-year-old Isaiah Harris are heartbreaking. His lip is blistered, and his face is left with marks after he was burned by some hot nacho cheese at a restaurant in Disney's Magic Kingdom last March. His parents said he went to grab a tray that held the "scalding hot" cheese, and it flew off, hitting him the face and leaving him with second- and third-degree burns.

They're suing the park, saying their son has suffered "permanent scarring, pain, and suffering" as a result of the burns, and they too suffered "serious emotional distress."


I don't doubt for a minute they suffered these things. I can't imagine seeing my child harmed in such an awful accident. But that's the thing -- it was an accident, and ultimately it's our job as parents to protect our children from such things when we can.

Perhaps the cheese was too hot, maybe someone made a mistake and nuked it in the microwave for too long. I can't tell you how many meals my children have been served -- in restaurants and at home -- that would have scalded them had it not been for tons of blowing, stirring, and waiting. It happens; parents should know it happens.

We can't sue every park that has a slide too high or too hot, every toy manufacturer who makes a toy with a piece that can be swallowed, and every restaurant that makes something too hot. It's our job to watch and protect them from such things. If we don't prevent them from happening, should we, as parents, be sued too -- for not making sure a tray is secure, for not testing the temperature of their food?

NO because we can't protect our children from everything, and because ACCIDENTS HAPPEN -- as traumatic and awful as they can be. But if they're going to play the blame game, then this couple needs to look at their own actions as well.

As for Disney's response, they've just released a brief statement: "It's unfortunate when any child is injured. We just received notice of this lawsuit and we're currently reviewing it." Along with the other piles of lawsuits the company receives from people out to make a buck.

Best wishes to Isaiah for a speedy and full recovery.

Do you think Disney should have to pay for providing nacho cheese that was too hot and burning this boy? 

Image via Hollaxatxkylee/Flickr

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