Want an 11-11-11 Baby? Do It Now!

pregnantWant your baby to have a really cool birthday? Then it's time to get busy. If you want a baby with the birth date of 11-11-11, then having sex this week provides most women with the best chance of delivering that day.

Dr. Jamie Grifo told CNN that this Friday, February 18, is the prime day of conception for women with a typical 28-day cycle, but that chances are good all week. That means if you got in a little Valentine's Day baby-making session last night, come November 11, 2011, you may meet your little love child.

Think no one would be crazy enough to plan conception for a cool birthday? Think again. Dr. Girfo said he's been flooded with couples wanting to deliver on the magical date. And why not?


There are all sorts of reasons parents try to have their baby during certain times of the year or on certain dates -- from weather to school to tax breaks, there are advantages to having a child at certain times. And sure there are plenty of 10-10-10 and 9-9-09 birthdays and the like, but this one uses just one number for all of the digits, which ups the coolness exponentially. 

If you could time that birth to happen right at 11:11 a.m. or p.m., well the coolness factor would just explode.

Personally, after years of infertility, I would have welcomed a baby on any day of the year, but if I had more of a choice in the matter AND wanted another baby, I think I'd be trying this week. After all, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity since the next chance for such a notable birthday will be November 11, 2111 ... when we'll all be dead.

Of course, there are no guarantees, no refunds, and about a zillion different things that could ultimately affect your delivery date, so you better make sure you really want the baby and aren't just in it for the thrill of the win.

Are you trying for an 11-11-11 baby? Have you ever attempted to plan a pregnancy to land or avoid a certain date?

Image via Frank de Kleine/Flickr

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