4-Year-Old Hero Saves Family in Car Crash

supergirlAre you ready, people? Grab that box of Kleenex 'cuz you’re gonna need it for this one. I’m thinking it’s at least a three-hanky story.

So, picture it. Averie Carrion, at the ripe ol’ age of 4, is driving with her mom and little bro in Iowa. It’s not just cold out, it’s six degrees below zero, finger-numbing freezing out. There’s snow on the ground. Not a few flakes. Think a foot of snow.

And then it happens. Somehow, their truck veers off and flips over. Mom (her name is Jamie) is trapped. Little bro is bleeding.

And then there's Averie.


Averie, scared, not sure what is going on, does something extraordinary. She climbs out of the truck and walks across a field – remember the snow, folks, remember how dang cold it is – until she reaches a farmhouse and tells the folks there, “I think my mommy is dead.”

(Yes, grab tissue number one STAT.)

The folks there alert the authorities. Help is sent to the scene of the accident. Where Mom Jamie is alive (whew!). Jamie can see her bleeding son, but can’t see Averie. The whole time, she's been calling her daughter's name, but obviously, Averie doesn't answer. We know Averie has gone for help, but Jamie doesn't. She's thinking the worst has happened to her daughter.

(Pass yourself tissue number 2.)

Thankfully, the family is reunited at the hospital and everyone's doing fine (this is where I needed tissue 3).

The feel-good ending is only trumped by the unfathomable courage of this little girl. She is 4! I’m going to type that again. SHE IS FOUR! My daughter is almost 4, and it makes me wonder what she would do in this situation. Would she have the incredible wherewithal to go for help? Would she be afraid because of the unbearable cold? Would she push through her fear, walk across that field to get to that strange house, and somehow gather even more courage to knock on the door?

I hope so, but I don’t know. What I do know is I’m keeping this story to someday show her, to inspire her to be brave, to be strong, to believe what is inside of her is of superhero-caliber (okay, I admit I needed another tissue here thinking about that).  

I was wrong. It’s a four-tissue story. But, they are happy tears, as my mom would say. Happy tears in celebration of one amazing little hero, a 4-year-old named Averie.

Seriously, have you read a better story this year?

Image via jessie_st.amand/Flickr

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