Father Gets 4-Year-Old Drunk & Kills Her

toddler dies alcohol poisoningA 4-year-old little girl is dead in Georgia after collapsing and being rushed to the hospital. After failing to revive her, the doctors who tried to save the toddler's life were shocked when they discovered the cause of the little girl's death: extreme alcohol poisoning.

How in the world does that happen to a 4-year-old? While the details have not been released regarding how much alcohol she ingested, the father and the aunt of the little girl have been arrested and charged with felony cruelty to children and felony murder. Four other children in the home have been removed, as the implication is that the father "plied" the little girl with alcohol.

I never thought it was "cute" to let your little ones drink from your beer can, and I think most people can agree that giving your baby a bong hit is crossing the line as well. But some people, apparently, think, "Hey, what's it going to hurt?" A lot, actually.


Alcohol isn't meant for tiny people with tiny bodies, who cannot metabolize the way full-grown adults can. Even adults need an hour to metabolize an average alcoholic beverage. Someone 1/3 your size is not going to be okay sipping on your brewski. And "plieing" a toddler with alcohol, as the report says, is the same as poisoning your child.

Even a small amount can have an adverse effect, and honestly, why would you do that? To see a toddler topple around drunk? That is seriously messed up. You wouldn't give your toddler a smidgen of rat poison just to see what happens, so why give any other toxic substance?

Do you ever let your toddler have a sip?


Image via naotakem/Flickr

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