'Genius' Pistol-Whips Pregnant Woman

geniusIn a bit of sad irony, a man with the word 'genius' tattooed across his forehead allegedly pistol-whipped a pregnant woman. Jerome Smith, 27, is accused of repeatedly hitting the woman, Tiera Bryant, in the head with a handgun. She's eight months pregnant.

There's no report as to his motive or if they knew one another, but nothing would make it much better. Pistol-whipping anyone is wrong, obviously, but anyone who would harm a woman so obviously pregnant is the worst of the worst ... and the opposite of a genius. Smith has a long history with the law -- and had only been out of prison for a little over two months at the time of this incident. In the past he's served sentences for attempted murder, possession of drugs, and burglary. One would think a genius would learn his lesson a little better than that, no?


I can't find any reports as to the woman's condition, though I hope that means she and her baby are doing well. Unfortunately, the whole tattoo thing kind of takes over the story. I mean really, who sets themselves up like that? Criminal or not, anyone with that word tattooed on his body is sure to hear it anytime he says or does anything wrong for the rest of his life. "Okay, genius."

And is it even spelled right?

Newslite claims it's misspelled and that it really reads "Jenius." Now, that would be classic, but I'm not so sure. Check out Smith's picture, and see what you think. I supposed it could be a "J," but it looks more like an elaborate "G" I think. I hope ... no one could really have a mistake that bad plastered across his forehead in permanent ink, could he?

Honestly, I'm not sure it matters either. Having such an identifying mark on your forehead doesn't seem like a wise move for a seasoned criminal, but hopefully the ink will help prosecute him if he's guilty this time. If he is, the perfect punishment -- in addition to any more prison time -- would be to make him get another tattoo on forehead: the words "I'm no" right in front of "genius."

Image via aditza121/Flickr


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