Juliani Cardenas' Body Found, a Mom's Heart Broken

Juliani Cardenas
Juliani Cardenas
Anyone living in California has certainly been following the horrific abduction case of 4-year-old Juliani Cardenas. The story is a complete parental nightmare of epic proportions, and I find myself sobbing whenever I think of his mother, Tabitha Cardenas.

Tabitha's ex-boyfriend Jose Esteban Rodriguez snatched little Juliani Cardenas out of the arms of his grandmother on January 18 in Patterson, California. Shortly after the kidnapping, a maintenance worker reported seeing a man and child in a car matching Rodriguez's drive into a canal and not resurface. The car was located in the canal last Friday but no bodies were found inside. Everyone's been holding their breath with each passing day; however, today news of a found body sends deep sorrow through a mother's heart and throughout her community.


The family and the local community have been hoping for a miracle in this case. On Friday, when law enforcement found Rodriguez's car, the reporting officer offered verbal condolences to Tabitha and her family at the end of the news conference. I was cussing at the television for the officer's premature sympathies. After all, the bodies were not found! Wasn't it too soon? Wasn't he jumping the gun?

Well, most likely, that officer knew more facts about this case than I did, and what he knew was that all evidence led to that canal and that it was just a matter of time before Juliani would be found there.


I have the worst news in the world to tell you all...='( My son's body has been found in the canal no DNA has confirmed it but its his clothes and shoes have and it's a 4 year old boy. So I want everyone to pray that Jose's body is found so we can all know that he's burning in HELL and I don't have to worry about him taking my unborn baby girl....='(

She followed that with:

I'm not talking to the press or anyone else I just had to let you all know before the news does... I love you all very much and my son does too. He's my lil angel now and believe me I'm crying as I am writing this to you all......

An ambulance is said to be parked outside Tabitha's home in case her grief sends her into premature labor. This is such a terrible tragedy for any mother to have to endure, let alone during a pregnancy.

Our hearts and prayers go out to Tabitha and her family. May you find strength and, in time, peace within your broken hearts.

Have you been following the Juliani Cardenas story where you live?


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