Is Tim (of Tim and the Space Cadets) Mommy Eye Candy? (VIDEO)

tim of tim and the space cadetsMommy Confession: I have another crush. First, there was my crush on Steve from Blue's Clues. Then Scott from Imagination Movers caught my eye.

But now, everyone meet Tim. Tim Kubart. The Tim from Tim and the Space Cadets. He's my latest crush and they are my favorite band.


I listen to Tim and the Space Cadets even when my daughter isn't around. Jeez, they are on my iPod. I have them playing in my ears on my commute, here at work. They are good. Crazy good. I don't want to say they are too good to be a kids' band because, well, my kid deserves good tunes too, but, really, Mama likes them a little more than Kiddo does (and Kiddo really likes them).

In the effort of full disclosure, I've met Tim. He played for my kid's birthday party last year and, yes, he is that dreamy in person. He's charismatic, he has those blue eyes, he's polite (that goes far to make the heart skip a beat when you are in the "please and thank you" stage). I'm not alone in my thinking about him: all of the moms at the party made a point to say hi to him, a few touched his arm ohsolightly, lingering a bit too long than is appropriate. 

Yes, he's cute. Yes, he's nice. But, I come back to the fact that his music rocks. Kinda alt-rock meets pop. The tunes are catchy, the beats are good, the songs are memorable. "Superhero" is their main hit, but I have to say the chill "When I Grow Up" is my fave. It is a beautiful ode to bedtime.

Tim and the Space Cadets have scads of talent -- which makes that Tim all the more crush-able for this mama.

Do you have a hidden crush on someone from the kiddie universe? Do you secretly really, really, really like something that is geared toward your kid?

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