Anti-Immigration Militants Killed Child in Arizona

No matter what your cause, if it's something you're willing to kill a child over, then you're the one in the wrong. A group in Arizona was so opposed to illegal immigration, they took matters into their own hands and murdered a little girl.

Their parents must be so, so proud.

Nine-year-old Brisenia Flores was shot to death in her home while begging for her life after a group on a mission to end illegal immigration targeted her family.

Her terrified mother Gina Gonzalez, who had also been hit, played dead on the floor. She sobbed as the court was told how she had heard Brisenia's desperate pleas as her killer stood over her. "I can hear it happening," Mrs Flores told the court describing how her daughter said: Why did you shoot my dad? Why did you shoot my mum?

There are not mean enough words in the English language to express how evil the people responsible for this are.


According to the prosecution, the little girl and her father Raul Flores Jr. were murdered on May 30, 2009 by a group of vigilantes set up to "tackle Mexican immigrants." The shootings took place 200 miles from Tucson, the scene of the gun massacre earlier this month in which another 9-year-old girl died.

They claim they suspected the father was a drug dealer. But anyone willing to shoot a child as she begged for her life is clearly not right in the head. Therefore, I would assume that their beliefs are also not right.

What kind of cause even has that as an option?

There are legal ways to protest and make your voice heard. If you oppose illegal immigration and can make a coherent argument, then run for office. You do not break into homes, steal things, shoot children, and call it justice.

This murder only proves that it's a cause born of hatred and any argument to the contrary is only a mask. This represents the true face of those who hate. Maybe not all people who hate illegal immigration would kill the children of those who are practicing it. But they probably hate them. No matter what they say. It's a cause steeped in hatred and bigotry.

I only hope that the Flores family gets some kind of justice for what they did to little Brisenia. It will never take away the ache, but at least it will show that this isn't the way things are done in the United States and that the people responsible for such acts are the only ones not welcome in this country.

Does this story make you rageful, too?


Image via xiombarg/Flickr

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