Dad-to-Be Jailed for Stealing Stretch Mark Oil

A man in Ireland has been sentenced to three months in prison for stealing a bottle of Bio-Oil to prevent his pregnant girlfriend from getting stretch marks. Jeez, how far will a guy go to preserve his baby mama's body?

Ronan Byrne, the Irish dad-to-be, walked out of a Boots Pharmacy last year with the bottle of stretch mark oil, valued at €22.50, the equivalent of about $35. I can't say I blame him; that's a pretty serious markup for something that retails for $10 here.

It's unclear whether the girlfriend asked him to commit a felony -- or simply pick up some belly balm -- but imagine the reaction if she didn't?!


It'd be presumptuous of a guy just to purchase something like that, let alone steal it! And I'd be royally pissed if my husband didn't show up to the delivery room because he shoplifted at Walgreens.

Then again, I suppose you could view it as a romantic gesture: "But love, I was in the loo flipping through your Lucky magazine and saw that you put a sticker next to this miracle cure for stretch marks. I wanted to surprise you!"

Or not. Dude probably saw a few stretch marks creeping up and figured he'd nip the problem in the bud with a not-so-subtle suggestion. Now everyone in Ireland will know about this poor girl's stretch marks. At least the court took pity on the expectant couple and suspended his sentence for a year.  

I wonder if Bio-Oil is worth three months in prison. I never tried it when I was pregnant, but this stuff must be liquid gold!

Would you be mad if your baby daddy stole stretch mark oil for you?


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