Pre-K Kid With Loaded Gun = Time to Wake Up, America

pre k student brings gun to school
This Is Not a Toy
Yet another child with a gun in school is making news. Only this time, it's not a social outcast being bullied in high school, it's a pre-K student dropping a loaded 0.22-caliber handgun during music time. The Florida school is not releasing the name of the parents who allowed their pre-schooler to get his hands on the weapon, since one person involved is a minor. But it could be any parent in America. Or at least, any parent who thinks it's a good idea to have guns in the house where you also have children.

Isn't it time to stop defending people's rights to stockpile and carry firearms, and start using common sense? A pre-kindergarten student had access to a handgun. That is NOT okay.


I realize nothing, not even the murder of six innocent people in Tucson, Arizona, will get some people to admit some type of control of firearms in our country must be enforced. Again, people will be saying it's the irresponsible parent or the mentally ill gunman that is to blame. And while that's true, if you remove that whole easy access to guns, and this idea that we should all be carrying them around in our truck or our purse -- perhaps we wouldn't have six people dead in 14 seconds, and a pre-K student dropping a loaded gun inside a crowded classroom.

Ask yourself if you would have wanted that little boy in your own child's circle time. When it's so easy for a pre-schooler to get his hands on a loaded weapon, something is wrong in our country. If you hunt, keep your rifles locked up when you're not out in the woods. Otherwise, what's the point? You realize, don't you, that the easier you make it for the average person to get a gun, the easier it is for an irresponsible citizen to get a gun. One that could wind up aimed at your own child.

Our country has the highest rate of gun deaths of any other large country, and some of the most lax gun laws in the world. It's time for our national obsession with twisting the second amendment to mean everyone should own automatic weapons to end. And with it, the tragedy of the thousands of gun deaths in America each year.


Image via robertnelson/Flickr

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