Should Little Packers Fans Get to Party Too?

Packers towelGetting ready for the Super Bowl if you're a Green Bay Packers fan means ordering up a big cheese platter (yumm), and making sure the big screen TV is tilted so the whole fam can see it. But aren't you missing something, Mom and Dad? Like the little people who want to show their Packers pride?

Throw out that old Favre jersey you've been letting them sleep in because you're too cheap to buy anything new. We've found cute (and affordable) picks for the pint-sized Packers so they can enjoy the game too:


Packers hooded towel $35 at Monster Threads

So the Steelers have a Terrible Towel -- your little monster will look terribly cute in this hooded terry cloth bath towel made to look like their favorite football player's uniform. You can even have their name stitched on the back! Can we get one of these in my size? Please?

Cheese tee

Cheese Onesie/Tee $16 at HappilyHomeSewn

It will be hard to resist nibbling on the cuteness that is a toddler in this tee (onesie shown but tees are also available) with a wedge of cheese stitched in place by a mompreneur. Once again, I have to ask: can they make this in my size? Pretty please!

green bay packers Mr Potato Head

Green Bay Packers Mr. Potato Head $12.95 at Amazon

So their favorite movie of the year is Toy Story 3, and their favorite team is the Packers? Put the two together and what do you get? Mr. Potato Head suited up and ready to show Dallas what this spud can do.

Green Back Packers shirt

Retro Shirt $24 at That's My Shirt

Show the kids what your team tees looked like back in the olden days (aka the '80s) with this vintage-inspired top from Junk Food. They won't look like every other kid in pre-school, that's for sure. Although their cheesey grin makes them special anyway, right?

Will your kids be watching?

More of a Steelers fan? We've got picks for them too.

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