Visit Mickey & Get Pregnant; The Perfect Vacation

Rachel Taylor
Rachel Taylor
Are you trying to get pregnant? Perhaps you're suffering from infertility and are at the point where you're ready to try almost anything? You may want to start packing your bags for a little vacation to the Sunshine State -- Florida.

Besides the fact that some studies show vitamin D plays an important role in getting pregnant, the legendary Ripley's Believe It or Not! Fertility Statues have come to rest in Orlando for awhile. So you can do Disney and get knocked up in one trip ... or so say some. The museum claims the statues are responsible for getting more than 2,000 women pregnant since 1993 as they have moved around the world.


Apparently Ripley's acquired them in 1993, and all of a sudden, all the women in the building were getting pregnant left and right. From the company's press release:

They were placed in the lobby of Ripley's corporate headquarters in Orlando, and within months, 13 women -- including staffers and office visitors -- became pregnant. The only thing they had in common was that they all had touched the statues.

The only thing? I'm guessing they all had the fact that they had sex in common too. Yes, I scoff a little at these statues, but I also remember how desperate I was through years of infertility. It was so difficult to remain positive and hopeful, so if these statues help women think positive and hold out hope, then I think they're fab.

For example, the museum highlights stories like that of Rachel Taylor:

Rachel Taylor was told by doctors that she would never be able to conceive. Willing to try anything, she flew halfway across the country to visit the statues at Ripley's Wisconsin Dells Odditorium. Against all odds, she became pregnant in August of 2010 and is now the mother of a baby boy, Max.

If Rachel thinks Max came as a result of the fertility gods, then who am I to doubt?

Since I live in Orlando, and I need another baby about as much as I need another head, I will be staying far, far away from the museum just in case -- at least until after this summer when they're likely to move on to make fertile other locales.

Do you believe fertility statues could get someone pregnant?

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