Bristol, Don't Trash Talk Tripp's Daddy

bristol tripp leviAnother day, another misstep in the Palin clan. Usually we try to leave the littlest kids out of the three-ring circus that is the family Palin, but Bristol brought 2-year-old Tripp into a very public discussion. So report on it, we must. Sigh.

In a recent interview on The Bob & Mark Show on KWHL radio in Alaska, Bristol Palin was pushed into admitting that she had a new boyfriend. That might have been the big spill, except then Bristol went on to talk about the shortcomings of baby daddy, Levi Johnston. Specifically, about how he's not a good dad, rarely sees Tripp, and should just sign over his custodial rights already.

Not cool, Bristol. You should have been more forthcoming about your Alaskan pipeline worker boyfriend than the man who will always be the father to your son.


It's no secret that Levi Johnston is a class-A douchebag. But as Tripp's mother, it's your job to shield your son away from the rest of us who call him out on a regular basis. Adding to the pile-on and announcing to millions of people that your son's father isn't interested in seeing him will be devastating to Tripp when he's old enough to read those words.

You can pooh-pooh all of us bloggers, pundits, gossip-mongers as "haters" when Tripp stumbles upon anything nasty about you, Levi, and your mother. But you can't explain away your own words.

Yes, it's incredibly difficult to remain civil about your ex, especially when you're in the middle of custody issues. But save the trash-talking for your girlfriends, in private. Kids don't need to know their father is a lazy SOB, or their mother is a slut. It's permanently damaging to their psyche. They don't need to know that a parent is so self-centered that bringing a child into the world has little-to-no effect on that person's priorities. You don't want to bring that kind of hurt onto your child. Plus, once they're young adults, they'll figure it out on their own -- at that point (hopefully) with a wider world-view, a stronger sense of self, and mature coping skills.

Bristol, please continue to regale us with tales of your new bf, your house-hunting, and even your dancing. But leave Levi out of it. He does a fine job embarrassing himself without your help.

Do you trash your ex in front of the kids?


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