Should Little Steelers Fans Get to Party Too?

Terrible TowelThe wings are on order. The big screen TV is installed. So are you ready for the Super Bowl?

Er, not quite. You're forgetting someone Mom and Dad. There's no reason the little Steelers fans can't be showing some Pittsburgh pride. Come on, let's brainwash 'em, er, indoctrinate 'em while they're young!


Terrible Towel $6.95 at Pittsburgh Steelers Online Store

It doesn't matter if you've already got them bathed and in their jammies so they can be carted off to bed after the half-time show. Tie their own Terrible Towel round their neck, and they've got a superhero cape (maybe they can pretend to be Mike Tomlin). Or just let them curl up on the couch with their new lovey, drifting to sleep with sweet dreams of the Lombardi Trophy.

Steelers sneakers

Steelers Sneakers $40 at Tickled Toes

First they're taking their first steps. Then they're stepping into the endzone at Heinz Field. Get your little gridiron guy or gal off on the right foot with a sweet pair of sneaks. Made by an Etsy seller, you can pick your favorite player's number and have them customized for your kid.

steelers pillow

Steelers Football Pillow $8.95 at Doublellgifts

The no balls in the house rule will have to take a holiday just this once, but you can save your breakables with a compromise. How about a nice, SOFT football pillow for cuddling?


Steelers Floor Puzzle

Steelers Floor Puzzle $14.95 at Pittsburgh Steelers Online Store

Something has to keep their eyes off the TV during those sexy Go Daddy commercials. This 3-foot-long puzzle should keep them occupied and test their brain at the same time. 

Steelers backpack

Steelers Back Pack and Lunch Bag $39.99 at Wal-Mart

Who's the coolest kid in pre-school? Break in their new lunchbag on game day by filling it with tasty -- and healthy -- treats to bring to the party down the street. You don't need Junior up at 3 a.m. complaining they have a stomach ache from all those chips. But trust me, it will be easier to steer them clear of the crap if the good stuff is in their favorite new bag.

Will your toddler be staying up to watch the Super Bowl with you?

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