Toddler Goes on 3AM Candy Run

toddler goes on candy run
See? Toddlers Love Candy
In an adorable story out of suburban Chicago, a 4-year-old busted out of his house and headed to the store at 3 in the morning because he wanted some candy. Awww, candy! When police re-traced the little boy's footprints in the snow in order to find his home, his mother was asleep and, furthermore, had installed an alarm on the patio door that apparently she slept through. Oops!

Granted, this wouldn't be a cute story if something else had happened. Luckily a driver spotted the boy, who was dressed appropriately in a hat and winter coat, and alerted the police.

He was returned, healthy and candy-less, to his home where hopefully the mom will get a better alarm or higher lock that the little guy can't open.

I asked my 4- and 2-year-old what they would want to get if they were to escape from our house. And then I made sure all the doors were locked and toddler-proof. Here are the top reasons they gave for busting out.

  • Eli (our dog -- not sure why the 2-year-old would go out for her, since she's always inside)
  • Pinkberry
  • To play
  • M&Ms

Okay, so those answers aren't really any more compelling than "candy," and one answer is, in fact, candy. So perhaps that little boy was on to something when he bundled himself up and hit the road. Who doesn't love candy at 3 in the morning?

What would your toddler break out of your house to get?

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