High School Fails All Girls Over Bullying Sex List

The Oak Park-River Forest High School may be in a Midwestern suburb, but the story of what is going on there is straight out of Hollywood. Even the Social Network or an episode of Gossip Girl cannot capture what the girls of this high school have endured three times in the past three years.

A Junior boy at the school has made a Facebook "sex list" of 50 girls discussing their alleged promiscuity, looks and race and then ranking them accordingly. He also distributed a paper list at school.

In the Social Network, a list ranking the hot girls of Harvard was inventive and the start of a billion-dollar venture, but in real life it is the cause for a suspension.


In fact, the same boy was expelled two years ago for a similar list. The current one ranks and names the girls things like “New Queen,” “Fallen Angel,” “Blond Bombshell” and “The Hangover” — then goes on to describe the teen’s physical appearance and promiscuity. He also gave a speech in the cafeteria denouncing women and their "power" and was met with cheers and support by his fellow students.

The word "disgusting" seems to fail me here. It certainly is disgusting but if Karen Owen -- the Duke alum who sent out a power point presentation detailing the men she slept with -- is not despicable, then how can we say this kid is?

Two reasons: 1.) This is high school and 2.) He intended it to humiliate. Karen Owen was a consenting adult, as were all the men she slept with. Further, she only intended for a couple close friends to see the list. This boy meant to hurt and humiliate the 50 girls on the list.

For anyone who has been (or known) a teenage girl, we can all remember the awkward pain. Because of that, it is hard to imagine what it must have felt like for these girls to see that list. It is bullying, plain and simple, but bullying on such a level that it is really disturbing. Why would this boy be able to do this three times? And since when does "expelled" mean he can come back the next year?

He’d already been expelled for it one year – his freshman year – and now he’s doing it again, so I don’t know what he’s doing, said Oak Park-River Forest student Niles Sykes.

Good question. Why is this kid still in school? The fact that he has been able to do this three years in a row says a lot about what the school feels about girls. They openly claim on their website not to support him, but in practice, if he has done this three times, then suspension is not enough. God only knows what this kid is learning at home, but whatever it is, he has got to go and some of these girls might want to consider pressing harassment charges. 

How heavily do you think he should be punished?


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