Mid-Labor Carjackings: The Newest Childbirth Fear?

Primo and Serena Paragas
Primo and Serena Paragas
There is some really bad karma coming to some of the people in the stories I'm going to tell you about -- really bad. The first dose is coming to the a-hole who preyed upon a pregnant woman by posing as a valet at the emergency room and stealing her car.

Seriously, who does that?

It happened last week in Massachusetts when a woman pulled up to the hospital with severe labor pains. She didn't know what to do with her car, when a seemingly kind man in a uniform approached her, saying he was a valet. She was a little distracted, being in labor and all, and handed over her keys. Only later, she found out the hospital DOESN'T HAVE A VALET SERVICE! Talk about labor pains.

And while we'd like to think such acts are isolated, unfortunately they're not.


Earlier this week in Colorado, Primo and Serena Paragas faced an even more frightening scenario, because they weren't even at the hospital when their car was stolen. After his wife's water broke, Primo went into action, packing the car with everything they needed to go meet their first-born child. He pulled the car as close to their apartment as he could and left it running so they could hop in and go.

Only when they went to go, their car was gone. Stolen, along with their camera, a laptop, and other baby items.

"She started bawling. That was obviously not what she needed," Primo told The Gazette.

He called an ambulance for Serena and a cab for himself. After filing a police report, he arrived in time to meet his son, Jude Russell.

In a nice show of humanity, after hearing the couple's story, the community came together and donated some of the items that had been stolen, and baby gifts poured in. So in the end, good triumphed over evil.

As for the criminals who sank so low as to mess with a pregnant woman's labor, may karma find you and induce the pain of 1,000 drug-free births upon you.

Did you have anything unexpected happen in the middle of your labor?

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