Pregnant Women Are Too Stupid to Order Dinner

Pregnant woman in restaurantYes, there are some foods pregnant women should avoid. Some choose to follow these rules with gusto, eating nary a nibble of cold lunch meat (me!), while others throw caution to the wind and wash down some sushi with a glass of wine. Really, it's up to each pregnant woman to decide just how much risk she's willing to take. But some restaurants want to step into the decision-making process.

A recent article in The Guardian highlighted several restaurants that have special pregnancy menus and meals. For example, they found Doraku, a restaurant in Miami that has a sushi-free, fully cooked menu just for women who are expecting. How thoughtful ... but can't we think for ourselves even though we're pregnant? 


While we can all appreciate an occasional perk while pregnant -- perhaps a specially designated parking space or a seat given up on the subway -- we're largely able to take care of ourselves and make our own decisions no matter how large we look. We don't need a restaurant laying out what's okay and feeling guilty if we choose something out of bounds. Maybe they'll cut our food for us too?

Honestly, the idea is nice, and I'm sure done for all the right reasons -- to make it easier for pregnant women to dine out -- but it just gets too close to that not-so-nice area in which pregnant women are discriminated against. Like Michelle Lee, who was kicked out of an Illinois bar recently, just for being pregnant. Respect is one thing, coddling is another.

Such pregnancy menus may mean well, but I think they may mean more trouble than anything. If we want to know if something is okay to eat, we can always ask. And yes, I realize it's a bit of a case of wanting things one way sometimes and another another time, but hey, that's a pregnant woman's prerogative, right?

What do you think of the idea of restaurants offering a special menu for pregnant women?


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