Big Brother Dies for Little Brother in Australia Flood

Jordan Rice
Jordan Rice
I can almost not write about this heartbreaking story from Toowoomba, Queensland. But the good part -- the part about the brotherly love -- is forcing me to do it. That's right, it was brotherly love and the help of a stranger that saved a boy from the horrible Australian flood waters, but his older brother and the boys' mother were not so lucky.

Let's dig deeper than the tragedy here, if we can, and appreciate the love and inspiration beneath this horrific nightmare.


Jordan Rice, 13, could not swim and was terrified of water -- yet, he still insisted that his little brother Blake, 10, be rescued first. My heart breaks to hear this.

My husband and my own two boys were just out in a restaurant tonight, and I was watching my two boys commingle with one another. At home, they fight a lot and get on each other's nerves, but often out, they bond together in a way that reminds me how big the brotherly relationship is and will always be. It fills my heart.

The two Rice brothers and their mom were driving in shallow water when the water rose so fast the car engine stopped. The mom called for help, and the three climbed atop the car. However, help did not arrive, and the water kept rising until Jordan and his mom were swept away by flood waters and drowned before the truck driver who saved Blake could return for them.

Here's a video clip of the rescuer Warren McEarlen. He chokes back tears after he recollects the tragedy, “It was just terrible, and I just kept telling the boy it was going to be alright. I’m just very sorry for him and his family that we couldn’t do more to get them out."

"Save my brother first," Jordan told McEarlen. And he did.

Our thoughts go out to Jordan's brothers, Blake, 10, Kyle, 16, Chris, 22, the boys' father, the rest of their family, and all of those suffering in Australia.


Image via SkyNews

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