Beating the Facebook Out of Your Kids

facebook and kidsThere are many ways you can make sure your kids aren't doing crazy stuff on Facebook. You can leave the computer in a common area. You can make sure he knows you have his password and are not afraid to use it. You can also have lots of big talks with them about not being a douchebag.

While I might choose the above options to make sure my kid isn't talking about inappropriate business on Facebook and Twitter, some guy decided publicly shaming his nephew was the best way to keep him from pretending to be a gangsta on FB. Throw in a little bit of corporal punishment, and you've got a lesson in how to discipline kids when they do bad things online. Luckily, the uncle of the "bad" kid filmed it, and he put it on YouTube.


My husband says I'm kind of a horrible person for thinking this is funny. And while I'd never condone smacking around your kid, there's a part of me that thinks taking a (admittedly crazy) hard line with your kid if he's trying to pretend to be a gangster is kind of awesome. And forcing the kid to talk to the camera and posting it so everyone will know OUR FAMILY ISN'T LIKE THAT is even more awesome.

Although, again, I'm sure one way you can guarantee your kid (or your nephew) will get into trouble is if you solve problems through physical violence. But I do have a feeling this kid won't be updating his FB with "What's up, Gangsta?" anytime soon.

Do you think this uncle is a hero, or we should call the cops?


Image via Asthma Helper/Flickr

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