Couple Aborts Sons, Waiting for Daughter

As the world waits with bated breath to see if Victoria "Posh" and David Beckhams' pink dreams come true, another couple in Australia is also waiting for a female child. But their way of "waiting" is much more tragic.

The unnamed couple has three sons and lost a baby daughter soon after birth. They are so desperate to have a little girl that they recently aborted twin boys conceived via IVF and are now going to court to win the right to select the sex by IVF treatment.

They say they want the opportunity to have the baby daughter they were tragically denied.

Let that sink in for a moment. They want the daughter they were tragically denied and are willing to further the tragedy by aborting male fetuses.


I'm not against abortion. It's a personal choice and I believe every woman has the right to make it, but this is awful. Truly, it's a tragedy all around.

It's a tragedy that these parents lost their child. I can't imagine wanting and longing for a daughter, having her, and losing her. But I would like to think that such a tragedy would make me hug my three remaining babies tighter, that it would make me want another baby, period. No matter what the gender. 

I can't judge their grief or how they respond to it, but I do judge their decision to keep reliving their loss and to create life only in order to end it. There are other ways to have a baby daughter that don't involve such physically and emotionally invasive measures.

If this were China and they were aborting baby girls or leaving them out to die because of the one-child policy that favors boys, then we would all say what they were doing was wrong. How is this different? A gender preference is one thing. Destroying life because of it is another.

Of course, judging a couple in such acute grief just seems cruel. I do hope the Australian court grants them their wish because otherwise I fear they will just keep getting pregnant and aborting until they see female parts.

In this case, maybe modern science can help prevent more tragedy.

Do you think they are doing the wrong thing?


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