Woman Rides Bike 1 Mile While in Labor

mom rides bike in laborPrepare to feel like a lazy wuss of a mother. A 41-year-old pregnant woman in Wisconsin started her career as a Super Mom by going into labor and promptly hopping on her bike to take herself to the hospital, one mile away. Did you take a car? What kind of sissy are you, anyway? I bet you also had an epidural the second you were wheeled into the labor and delivery unit too, right?

Even though it sounds like her husband had to push her a little bit, Susie Weber had the goal of biking to all of her prenatal appointments, and her final achievement was to bike to her delivery as well. In Wisconsin. Not exactly known for its pleasant weather nine months out of the year. So when her contractions were three minutes apart, she saddled up and sped off towards the hospital.


Weber is also on maternity leave from her job as a pilot for United Airlines. Seriously -- this mom could kick all of our asses. Not surprisingly, Weber was back to her pre-birth weight three weeks later. Kind of makes me wish I'd thought of this instead of those lightweight prenatal yoga classes.

What's next Susie? Babywearing while parasailing? Creating a breast pump powered by your bike? First mother/daughter team to climb Mt. Everest in 24 hours?

Honestly, yours is a tough act to follow. While I hope your baby girl takes your lead (after all baby Tess has already been cross-country skiing and snowshoeing with you), I'm thinking you can count on her teenage rebellion to include strange odors behind closed doors and lots of Oreo consumption. After all, what's left for her to do? You've already done it.

Does this mom make you feel like a loser?


Image via Silent Sports

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