Flying Cow No Match for Unborn Baby

cowHoly cow, what a pregnancy story this is! Samantha Wittstruck was newly pregnant, just over a month along, when a tornado hit her home in Wadena, Minnesota last June. In the midst of all the chaos, she was knocked unconscious, but when she awoke, she surely must have thought she was dreaming. It wasn't Oz, but it was pretty bizarre, as there on top of her sat a cow -- a live cow.

"Looked over and there was a cow on top of my cousin," Manly Beach told KSAX-TV after the incident.

"I was like, smackin it, [and yelling] 'Get off me! Get off me! Get off me!'" Wittstruck said.

While comical in the retelling, it could have been tragic. Fortunately, Wittstruck was fine and so was her baby. Her pregnancy progressed normally, and earlier this month, she delivered a healthy 7-pound, 9-ounce girl, who was named in memory of the event -- Sklyar.


“Sky, to do with the tornado,” Wittstruck said. “We figured sky was too short, so (we chose) Skylar. It was a big part of her life and she survived it.”

What a great story Skylar will have to tell. It's also a great example of how well our bodies are designed to protect our unborn babies. We often fret over every little fume we inhale and morsel of food we ingest for fear of what we may be doing to them. I was a particularly nervous pregnant woman, worried that any little bump or bruise could harm my baby. 

But really, they're protected in there pretty well, and while we should do what we can, endless worry or taking extreme measures is futile because you can't prepare for every case scenario -- like a bovine dropping on top of you. The moral of the story: Do what you can to protect your unborn baby, but don't have cow.

What's the most frightening event you experienced while pregnant?

Image via Geert Orye/Flickr

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